Giovanni Matteo Angeli


Giovanni Matteo Angeli is a well-known Salesforce developer, but he's also a successful entrepreneur. As an application developer, he has created a new social media network. For the past six years, he has focused on the disconnect that exists between the online communities people belong to and the actual events they attend. Even though he knows how important the internet is to build relationships, he also knows that many people are looking for ways to bring their online relationships into the real world. Users may now add their events on an interactive map thanks to his creative thinking. Then, with the aid of geolocation, users will be able to see exactly where these occurrences took place. For individuals who want to cultivate their online friendships in person, they can now discover where their online buddies are congregating.

Working money is crucial to the funding of his technology endeavors because he is a business professional. A tree-removal business was the solution he needed for working capital. To get the business off the ground, he had to make an initial investment. After making the initial expenditure to acquire the necessary equipment, he has been able to generate a steady stream of revenue that he can use toward the pursuit of his interests. Getting the tree removed gave him more time in the sun, which he greatly appreciated because he enjoys being outside. Because most people lack the necessary skills and experience to safely remove trees, he can provide an essential service for many people in his local area. There has been a dramatic increase in the company's size and profitability. This has provided him with additional funds that he can utilize to develop new applications and services that can benefit people in a variety of industries.

Gino Matteo Angeli has achieved success in a variety of fields, but the design has always been a particular interest of his. Since he was a kid, he's been fascinated by everything from architecture to graphic design to industrial design. While he's well versed in Salesforce, he's also worked as a Director of Business Development for a FinTech company and has more than nine years of experience with Adobe Creative Cloud. Virginia Tech's Ice Hockey Team with his 3.76 GPA in his major allowed him to retain an outstanding GPA in college. He joined the fraternity Phi Gamma Delta because he wanted to get to know his classmates better and was able to do just that.